Geschichte Hotel Post Vent
Geschichte Hotel Post Vent
Geschichte Hotel Post Vent

Vent – welcome to the home of 'Ötzi' the iceman

A varied history for such a small mountain village

The name ‘Vent’ is first mentioned historically in the year 1241. In the early days, shepherds made use of the lush mountain meadows to graze their sheep. Our family has been managing the hotel – first know as the ‘Weinhof’, later as the ‘Hotel Post’ – since the 15th century. The first tourists visited the fascinating glacial lakes near Vent in the 17th century, which were formed from time to time by the advance of the Vernagtferner glacier.

Vent is the most well-known mountaineering village and is the cradle of Alpine tourism. The glacial enthusiast, parish priest Franz Senn (the ‘Gletscherpfarrer’) chose Vent as his adopted home in 1860. As a co-founder of the Alpine Club (‘Alpenverein’) he trained the first mountain guides and thus laid the foundation stone of modern Alpine tourism!

The village of Vent gave birth to many a well-known mountain guide: the Klotz brothers, for example, who were the first to conquer many peaks around Vent. Among these was Luis Pirpamer – the senior manager of the Hotel Post, who died in 2011. He deserves the credit for his efforts in the cause of Alpine tourism and guides for mountaineering, and became the Honorary President of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations – IFMGA.

The Similaun mountain hut is also a further historical connection with Vent and our family, which incidentally has been in the Pirpamer family for over 100 years. Not far from the Similaun mountain hut, at the Hauslabjoch pass, the famous iceman mummy ‘Ötzi’ was discovered in 1991. Today a popular path leads directly from the Similaun mountain hut to the site where Ötzi was found. From this location there is a fantastic view of the Similaun peak, which is also a favourite destination in the Ötztal Alps and of course is also climbed by many a guest from the Hotel Post in Vent. The Similaun peak (3,606 m) is perhaps not quite as high and spectacular as the highest mountain in the Tyrol, the Wildspitze (3,774 m), but it is a rewarding climb, practically a stone’s throw from the Similaun mountain hut, which lies at an altitude of 3,019 m.

By the way, the Similaun Alpine Club was founded in the Hotel Post in 2001. More than 300 members – even Japanese tourists – form part of this community which unites everyone: conquering the Similaun peak and the bond with the Pirpamer and Moser families.